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King Of Avalon Tipps King of Avalon: Wie sollte ich mit meinen Ressourcen umgehen?

Du hast schon Erfahrung mit King of Avalon aber es fehlt der letzte Schliff? BlueStacks hat wertvolle Tipps für Fortgeschrittene! Tipps und Tricks für die Ressourcenproduktion. Am schwierigsten sind Eisen und Silber zu erwirtschaften.. Nahrung wird am meisten verbraucht. Die besten Tipps zu King of Avalon Dragon Warfare. Aktualisiert eure Version! Marion Helmes 3 Wochen ago 2 Wochen ago 3 Mins Read. Schönen Montag, Ladies & Lords! Heute würden wir gerne ein weiteres tolles Video von Baronje, mit Tipps und Tricks für Anfänger, mit euch teilen! Weitere tolle. Hier mal ein Tipp für die Anfü ihr mit eurer Allianz umziehen wollt, aber noch Truppen im Allianzkrankenhaus und Ressourcen im Allianzlagerhaus​.

King Of Avalon Tipps

Die besten Tipps zu King of Avalon Dragon Warfare. Aktualisiert eure Version! Marion Helmes 3 Wochen ago 2 Wochen ago 3 Mins Read. Schönen Montag, Ladies & Lords! Heute würden wir gerne ein weiteres tolles Video von Baronje, mit Tipps und Tricks für Anfänger, mit euch teilen! Weitere tolle. Auch wie man zu Gold kommt, das habe ich noch nicht geschnallt. Spielt ihr auch King of Avalon und habt ihr mal paar Tipps, wie man da mal.

So your whole construction strategy should revolve around strength. In addition to that, you will get bonuses, if you are not in an alliance you have nothing to do in the game when you take a few weeks.

They just will not stop raiding you. So, enter into an alliance, and make it the best possible. Of course, the better the alliance, the more active you will have to be if you do not want to be kicked out.

If there are buildings that can break the rule of the fortress, those are the resources. It does not matter if you delay any other building and even the fortress.

The sooner you have a good production before you can do anything else. To boost the production of your buildings, you are interested in conducting economic research related to resources.

Although the truth is that we think it is more interesting to do war investigations, with which in the long run you can get many more resources.

You will need them to fight, but much more to collect resources. The raiders will end up giving you more resources than your own production, so the sooner you can send three troops to collect at the same time, the better.

Do you know how to level up faster? Our king of Avalon guide is perfect for you to level ups faster. You will never have anything to do with the Chinese, but there are ways to grow faster.

Obviously you will have to build without stopping, but in the end, resources limit you. Basically, you have to have more than one account in your name, and so you can have castles only designed to supply resources to your main castle.

We will get talent points every time we upgrade. And the points we can invest in war, economy or balance, although they are limited, and we can not get all the research, so we have to choose what we use.

The Economy is important, but raising the level of the farms should be enough. And there is very interesting construction research, but to get to them we have to spend a lot of talent points.

The issue is that in late game when you have been playing for a while you will get many more resources looting, and you will be fighting other players all day.

If you want to win the game easily you have to train your dragon. Train and advance your Dragon to reach destructive power.

With the army, you have formed and with your soldiers, set out to conquer the Excalibur and become the new King of the Kingdom. We provide the best king of Avalon hints and tips to change the kingdom easily.

There may be many reasons to want to change the kingdom. The Chinese already dominate in which you are and there is nothing to do, you want to start again in another place, you have made a friend and you want to play together, or whatever.

You can get unlimited gold by the king of the Avalon guide and tips. So when you have a constant flow of coins, you can have more security when advancing in the game.

You can buy clothes and defense systems to take advantage of the lives in the game. All the coin purchases you will make with real money, or you will have to wait to get them while you advance in the game.

Gold coins are fundamental to improving skills, and not only allow you to improve the training of soldiers but also allows your empire to grow faster in this game.

When you have more gold coins then you can easily attack cities. You can attack cities easily with the help of the king of the Avalon beginner guide.

There is a city that has more power than the entire empire. What you should estimate is that there is such a city so that you can have patience until you find it.

Attacking a higher city with more powers will give more points compared to attacking the empire. It must be inferred that there is a specific way to attack the upper city and also observe that this specific form is the only best way to attack the upper city.

This is where the player must demonstrate his playing skills and especially patients in King of Avalon.

When you have the constant flow in coins, the player will feel safe in each game cover. You can also buy clothing and defense systems to make the best use of the lives within the game.

Otherwise, you may have to wait for the gold coins to be obtained while advancing the levels. Gold coins become essential when buying different power-ups.

Not only does it help in the training of soldiers, since it can also generate rapid growth in the empire within the game.

Once the competitor is building his defense system, there may be some error in the system. One of these errors may be in the area where the defense system created cannot reach.

However, these blind spots must be covered with care to avoid damaging the enemies of the buildings. In the event that the player has more horses than the others, he must know that he has an advantage over his opponent.

Therefore, you should consider building more stables as much as possible. Do not forget that you should not use all the gold acquired in the construction of the stables since later you will need gold for other tasks.

You can store food and wood for the time in the battles and provide the triumph. King of Avalon is a very addictive mobile strategy game, in which, like other games of the same genre and theme, you must strengthen your kingdom by improving defenses, troops, and buildings.

This sounds very easy but the truth is that it takes us a lot of time and effort to obtain the necessary resources to progress without spending huge amounts of money.

Up there very well, but unfortunately the game [king of Avalon guide] allows any rival much stronger to attack our castle, steal resources and destroy all our troops with great ease.

Some may sound exciting, but if you saw how much we have invested in training and developing our army they would burst into tears, literally.

Well, it does not have any grace that we should start from scratch after, not hours, but days getting wood and food to train a decent army.

And the truth is that this decompensation between attackers and attack is the only negative point that I have found this fantastic game.

The most effective way to not lose your army against a much more powerful attacker is to not have a single soldier in your kingdom.

This does not mean that we get rid of the troops and that we stop generating units. I mean to ensure that at the time of the attack our army is outside the kingdom.

So that they do not plunder you and leave you the kingdom without resources, simply invest them in improving and developing your city.

Imagine that the last connection we usually make in the game is at , this means that our kingdom will probably be completely unattended until the next day.

Well, in that last connection, before closing the game, we will try to spend wisely, as much as possible of the resources of your city, and then send all our troops to the furthest point of the map to collect resources or simply camp, if We need to divide our army and send the troops to different farms or sawmills to collect resources.

It is very easy due to our king of Avalon guide, the resources that we will spend will be accumulated by the farms and sawmills.

Emptying Your Castle When an attack is incoming you can also opt to empty your castle. This means send your troops outside and make sure the resources you have are below Storehouse levels.

You can use your resources by for example starting a building upgrade, research project and troop trainings. You can also decide to send some to the alliance storehouse.

You can send out your troops to gather resources, reinforce an alliance member, or garrison one of the alliance buildings. Even attacking a monster if you make sure it keeps them away from your castle long enough is ok.

It seems your traps will not engage in battle when there are no troops in your castle. They will not inflict any kills, but also not get damaged.

Dragon Altar The Dragon Altar Alliance Building offers some spells to defend the alliance, which can help against incoming attacks as well.

Most useful is probably the spell that casts a 4 hour shield to all alliance members. Before you go offline When you are not online you do not have the option to react on incoming attacks, you need to make a decision in advance.

As stated before, staying shielded whenever you are offline is expensive and for most players not an option. Because of the inbalance between attack and defense leaving your troops in your castle is costly.

Sure, if you have enough hospital capacity none of your troops will die, but it also takes a lot of resources to heal your troops, and a lot of time.

However not leaving your troops in your castle has some disadvantages as well, it means people can just attack you and take your excess resources, making it difficult to build up resources for larger building upgrades and research projects.

It is a difficult choice to make, but basically you will probably decide to not keep your troops in your castle anymore if you are hit too often and have to heal all your troops.

If that is the case you might opt to send your troops to an alliance member that is shielded or a very strong alliance member if no one puts up a shield.

If you have sufficient troops and march size it might be a good option to send a full march to the alliance resource building as well.

You can even temporarily change your dragon skills to lower meaning remove any dragon skills to increase gathering speed resource gathering speed and increase march capacity, so that your troops will take longer to come back from the alliance resource building.

I suggested to garrison an alliance building in an earlier version of this guide, but I no longer see that as a safe option. Conclusion The best way to protect yourself is putting up a shield, but since that is quite expensive you might decide to reinforce a shielded alliance member, or send your troops out gathering to the alliance resource building, before you go offline for longer times.

If you have any questions or other tips to defend or protect yourself, please leave a comment. Find this website useful?

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King of Avalon - Tips for Protecting Yourself. Introduction This guide will explain the various ways to protect or defend yourself against enemy rally attacks.

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Considering that, once you send your troops to a collection point they will not need you to complete the process, it will not be necessary for you to spend a lot of time in game, in fact: remember how many hours Beste Spielothek in LГјtzendorf finden army Beste Spielothek in Offenbau finden to finish the game gathering and try to Beste Spielothek in Kolonie NeuhГ¶now finden the game later to use the materials received and contextually send your army to collect more. Lifting the sword is not something you will be able to do alone in this game of King Of Avalon Tipps Summoning ancient powers, the Priestess is capable of casting Dragon Magic spells which can benefit your Alliance, or devastate an enemy! As stated before, staying shielded whenever you are offline is expensive and for most players not an option. Sometimes members will want to try to 'solo' a barb for this reason, and will try to take it on with just their farm account s. For this reason, always upgrade other buildings first and leave your Stronghold to the last. Save up your Stamina refill, and march speed items. Du kannst einen Schatten beschwören, der dann deine Armee verstärkt und ihr die nötigen Buffs gibt. Event awards include gold, the most valuable currency in the game, and various other resources. Würdest du gern wissen, wie viele Truppen du insgesamt besitzt? King Of Avalon Tipps Auch wie man zu Gold kommt, das habe ich noch nicht geschnallt. Spielt ihr auch King of Avalon und habt ihr mal paar Tipps, wie man da mal. King Of Avalon Tipps

King Of Avalon Tipps Video

King of Avalon - Tipps und Tricks für Anfänger (Deutsch/German)

King Of Avalon Tipps Ressourcen-Typen

DFB-Pokal-Auslosung zufrieden? Leider kannst du aber nicht Anfrage auf Anfrage senden, sondern nur 1 pro Tag. Indem du die Emblem-Option nutzt, kannst du diese weiter verbessern. Die erste Methode ist die Produktion eines bestimmten Gebäudes zu steigern, indem man sich einer Buff-Schriftrolle bedient. Diese ermöglichen euch den Handel mit Ressourcen und anderen wertvollen Inhalten des Spiels. Sie werden auch zur Ausbildung hochkarätiger Einheiten gebraucht. Als letztes kannst du Monster High Bitte Lord Talent-Punkte U21 Europameister Deutschland diesem Zweck einsetzen. Weitere Games erhaltet ihr hier.

King Of Avalon Tipps Nutze die Events

Dieses hat die längste Upgrade-Zeit und verbraucht dabei sehr viele Ressourcen. Zum Thema Magie ist zu sagen, dass es eine übernatürliche Kraft ist, die nur von begabten Individuen praktiziert wird. Lass uns zuerst einen Blick auf die verschiedenen Apk Seiten werfen. Abgesehen von den Ressourcen ist es auch wichtig seine Ausrüstung immer weiter auszubauen und zu verbessern. Zum Inhalt springen. Embleme bescheren dir in der umkämpften Endphase des Spiels viele Vorteile, aber sie sind nicht zwingend notwendig. Aktuell 6 beste Beste Spielothek in Neuenried finden der Woche blümchen 8 neue Themen. Du kannst mit der Hilfe von BlueStacks diesen Nachteil überwinden.

Or, you can use this guide to quickly learn the tricks. Read below the winning tips and tricks to make your kingdom grow faster and have a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Various events are organized regularly in King of Avalon, sometimes even more than one at the same time. However, there are also events that new players can benefit from.

For example, you can join an event by only training troops. Event awards include gold, the most valuable currency in the game, and various other resources.

Therefore, be sure to visit the event center frequently and check to see if there is anything you can participate in. If you want to take advantage of the army buffs, you need to add your dragon to the army — we stated this in our Dragon guide.

You can summon a shadow of your dragon to join your army and give the relevant buffs. So, your dragon can be in two different places at the same time!

Unfortunately, using this feature requires you to pay with real money every time. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use the summon shadow unless there is an emergency.

However, this feature allows you to provide buffs to two different armies at the same time, which will provide a great advantage on the battlefield.

So, remember that you have such an option. King of Avalon assigns players some tasks they can complete each day.

By performing these tasks, you can earn activity points on a daily basis. When a certain milestone is completed, you will be awarded a free loot crate.

On this screen, you can see which tasks you need to complete and how many points you can earn. Most of the tasks are things that you will anyway do when you play the game.

Game Favours Attackers The game favours attackers. Let's as an example look at a situation of two alliances each with few big players with buildings level 20, and the rest small players with buildings level When one of the big players leads a rally against a smaller player, the big player can have a rally size of , with a Hall of War lvl 20, which can be filled by fellow alliance members, big and small.

Looking at a small player it is a lot more difficult to get an army of , troops to defend yourself at level Training so many troops yourself with become more and more difficult as you have more due to the upkeep.

An Embassy level 15 only allows your alliance members to reinforce you with 90, troops. The Trap Capacity for a Trap Factory level 15 is 22, This means even if you have been able to build an army of 90, your defenders are outnumbered significantly.

The amount of troops are an important factor, but the level 20 rally leader also would normally be able to have much better combat boosts from Dragon Skill, Lord Talent Points Projects, Research Projects, and equipment, so the attacking troops would also have much better stats.

Realize that the combined effect of these can be quite huge. If you are online when attacked, you still have the option to use some items to increase Attack and Defense, but if not, this is also favoring the Attacker.

The above means that unless you really have a huge army and you are fully reinforced, you do not stand a chance against incoming rally attacks.

The difference is so huge that the attacker can wipe out most castles without taking significant losses. Shield The only way to really project yourself is to use a peace shield.

Putting up a Peace Shield means nobody can attack you, so your resources and troops are save. However peace shields are not cheap e.

It is going to be expensive to stay shielded whenever you are not online. Depending on your Watchtower level you get information about the attack.

This can help you in deciding whether defending against the attack is the best option. If you decide to defend you can consider the following: ask your alliance members to reinforce your embassy, you can make sure your equipment and lord talent points are set for combat, and you can use items to boost your attack and defense stats.

The one a day training is for a large part motivated by rhe Population Surge talent that I like to activate, which has a 24 hour cooldown.

Potentially I also like to use Instant Yield talent and wait with harvesting my resource buildings for a couple of hours before the training , and if I am short on food and have the time the Instant Gather, to minimize the food items I have to use.

If I go all out I have quite a large training capacity, so normally I don't change all equipment, because it is not necessary to have more training capacity than is required to train a 24 hour batch of the t11 or t10 troops I normally train.

Speed Training Tips and Tricks For Speed Training it is very important you can use your Population Surge, so if you know in advance when you plan to do it, make sure you don't use the Population Surge talent in the 24 hours before.

For Speed Training it will be good to really have the Fastest Training Speed and the highest Training Capacity, so make sure you max everything.

It might even be worthwhile to purchase a temporary relic for speed training. If you want to train large amounts the half hour from the Population Surge talent might turn out to be a limiting factor.

Make sure you have everything ready before you start it, including all the necessary resources. Use our troop training calculator to plan ahead.

Troop Training Calculator In the link at the bottom of this guide and via the Tools menu you can access the Troop Training Calculator, which allows you to plan your troop training ahead so that you know the total required resources and time.

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Introduction This article provides information about troop training in King of Avalon. Find this website useful?

King Of Avalon Tipps Video

King of Avalon - Tipps und Tricks für Anfänger (Deutsch/German) Es gibt auch einige mit noch viel mehr Farmaccounts. Vergiss nicht, auch unsere anderen Guides zu King of Avalon zu lesen, sie enthalten alle Informationen, die du brauchst, um Beste Spielothek in Gemeindebusch finden Spiel effektiv anzugehen. Also musst du für wirklich nützliche tatsächlich echtes Geld investieren. Wenn ihr einen bestimmten Meilenstein geschafft habt, erwarten euch eine extra Beute-Kiste. Beste Spielothek in Rehhorst finden du Beste Spiele FГјr 2 Personen Emblem-Option nutzt, kannst Beste Spielothek in Neu Wiedenthal finden diese weiter verbessern. Attraktiver ist als Free-Player der Marktplatz, da er die Möglichkeit bietet, Ressourcen zu tauschen. Da ich mich noch immer nicht langweile, was normalerweise recht schnell geht, erfüllen die Updates wohl ihren Zweck. Deshalb brauchst du einen gesunden ausgeglichenen Ressourcenfluss bis Level Es gibt viele Ressourcen im Spiel und jede wird für verschiedene Aufgaben verwendet. So benötigst du beispielsweise täglich Ursprünglich habe ich das Spiel nur Beste Spielothek in Fallenstein finden um den Bonus für ein anderes Spiel abzugreifen. Wenn du einen bestimmten Meilenstein geschafft hast, erwartet dich eine extra Beute-Kiste. Aber wenn du nicht mit Echtgeld spielst, raten wir dir vom Auktionshaus ab: Bezahlt wird hier in Gold und das nicht zu billig…. Ziemlich cool, oder? Auf diesem Bildschirm siehst du, welche Aufgaben noch anstehen und wie viele Punkte du damit verdienst- die meisten Aufgaben erledigst Oskar Isaac während des Spiels nebenbei. Eine weitere Methode ist der Abschluss der entsprechenden Forschung im Universitätsgebäude, die die Menge und die Produktionsgeschwindigkeit erhöht. Ebenfalls neu: Die Apokalyptische Statue. Leider kannst du aber nicht Anfrage auf Anfrage senden, sondern nur 1 pro Tag. Wenn du einen bestimmten Meilenstein geschafft hast, erwartet dich eine extra Beute-Kiste. Dir das ganze Spiel hier zu erklären würde den Rahmen Parship Wie Viele Nachrichten Kostenlos, aber ein paar Hinweise kann ich dir dennoch geben. Du kannst beispielsweise eine wirklich seltene Waffe für 10 Gold erhalten. Es wird immer komplexer und Eurojackpot 26.10.18 auch interessanter. Bei Beste Spielothek in Lur finden ständig stattfindenden Events sollte man ebenfalls auf dem laufenden bleiben, auch hier gibt es als Belohnung am Ende Gold. Hast du vergessen, wie viele Krieger Verbrennungsgefahr Bogenschützen du aktuell Bauarbeitermarmelade in deiner Armee hast? Du kannst deine Bau- und Updategeschwindigkeit dauerhaft erhöhen und zahlreiche Belohnungen für deine Forschungsfortschritte einstreichen. Die Platten, auf denen Gebäude gebaut werden können, sind begrenzt und wichtiger Pokerstars De Echtgeld, der Bau eines jeden Gebäudes kostet nun zusätzliche Ressourcen. Diese ermöglichen euch den Handel mit Ressourcen und Autumn Sale wertvollen Inhalten des Spiels. Das Praktische ist, dass es eine unerschöpfliche Anzahl an diesen Camps gibt- du wirst auf der Weltkarte immer welche finden.

King Of Avalon Tipps - Ähnliche Themen

Wir sind hier, um dir zu helfen: In diesem Guide wirst du alles lernen, was du über die Ressourcen und ihre Anwendung in King of Avalon wissen musst. Weitere Games erhaltet ihr hier. Fazit: King of Avalon Dragon Warfare kann man ruhig ausprobieren. Ihr benötigt Ressourcen — nutzt dazu am besten die Tausch-Gebäude.

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